9:00 to 5:00

Free Parking

Adults - $6.00
Ages 12 and under
 + Seniors - $4.00
Age 5 and under - Free
Family of 4 - $16.00

$1.00 OFF
Admission with this Web Coupon!
Cannot be combined with
any other offer
Mad Catters  2016


Saturday, March 26th, 2016

The Holiday Inn Frances Scott Key Mall (301) 694-7500
5400 Holiday Drive, Frederick, MD 21703

Oodles of Cats and Kittens
in a variety of colors!
(okay, probably not in colors seen on this page,
but all the traditional kitty colors anyway :-)

Join us to see
Gorgeous pedigreed Cats & Kittens
of all Breeds and Beloved Household Pets,
(HHP are those kitties of no known heritage)
compete for top awards!
Interested in showing your Household Pet? Check it out

Local Breeders with Pedigreed Kittens and Retired Adult purebred cats for sale.

Vendors for special kitty products and cool stuff to buy.

Furry Fun for Kids of All Ages!

So come spend your Easter Saturday with us.